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How to Know Cause of Death Due Easy Engine AC

How to Know Cause of Death Due Easy Engine AC - AC is taking a big role in making the engine work harder. Because the system is directly dependent on engine rpm, setting error will actually make the machine heavier when driving. The main signs that often appear as if the machine is going to be dead when it stops. There is also, in a speed lace, the gas must be pressed deeper than usual.

If it happens, it's time to recognize some of the several causes behind the symptoms. One of the reasons could be due to the lack of proper idle setting. Ideally, when the silence and the ac is not turned on, the machine will move around 800 rpm. If the air conditioner is on, the rpm will go up to 900 - 1000 rpm. This means that if the rpm under the normal provisions, the machine will be very easy to die. This case is rare on the car manifold injection, because it is set up with the electrical system. But it also does not rule out the possibility that it is still necessary settings manually.

Sirkulai poor can also caused the compressor to work extra. In cases like this, of the spin machine was only increasing the weight. Circulatory disorders can be caused by the dust and cause the condenser or evaporator is interrupted.

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Compressor is too large and does not fit standard machine also can be caused even drop. It can be caused by the compressor is damaged or does not match the standard changed. Or the last possibility is that the engine is less maintenance. AC is weighing on the machine, but on the other hand, sometimes the machine was malfunctioning and needs to be serviced again.

Quick Tricks When Cornering Maneuver at Racetrack

Quick Tricks When Cornering Maneuver at Racetrack - Yamaha Racing Academy (YRA) stage 3 back rolling with at the end of this August. A number of riders have been directed by various means, including the trick of maneuver in the face of the bend. Supriyanto, Yamaha Motorsport Manager, said that the decision to turn the position into a bike lock how to maneuver quickly.

Cornering at Racetrack

"Cornerning shape S. He's had to take which point the fastest. Ngambil If in the middle, or take some take some tricks from the outside in, much faster than the outside to the inside."

However, the trick maneuver that must be accompanied by a calculation of the power output of motorcycles, as well as a safe but fast movement. "With a safe and fast way. Technique that is supposed to be learned," he added. Finally, Yamaha Racing team performed exceptionally Indonesia won the Suzuka 4 Hours Endurance Race held at the Suzuka circuit.

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This achievement enhance the results of the previous day when Team B Pairs Sudarmono and Sigit PD successfully took pole position, and this is the first time a non-Japanese participants can achieve that. Yamaha Indonesia Racing Team B Sudarmono and Sigit PD worked out as the runner-up with a time of 4 hours 28.329 seconds.

How to Clean a Car Engine

How to Clean a Car Engine - - Cleaning the inside of a car or machinery is certainly very different from the way the body wash. In this section, the required accuracy is very special and careful certain components are not exposed to water and damaged. One of the preparatory stages of the car is warmed beforehand. If over time, let sit in a car that is fairly warm conditions. Do not do when a hot engine conditions. It would be quite dangerous. But do while conditions have started to warm, this is the most appropriate conditions.

How to Clean a Car Engine

Once the car is warm enough, cover some of the components that support the engine ignition system, such as distributors or delco, alternator, starter dynamo, spark plug wires and existing electronic systems in the machinery sector. You can just close it at will, provided that sufficient meeting and also not until translucent water. For example, you can use plastic or aluminum foil.

After the above preparation was in order, time to do the spraying. The first part to be sprayed is the side of the hood. After the new iu continued on the walls of the machine. To clean it completely, just use a dab of soap existing ordinary on the market. Besides low cost, a dab of soap is very suitable to shed impurities such as former oil. If everything is rinsed with water, immediately dry with a clean dry cloth. Do not let any residual soap that sticks because it would leave a mark. Next, start by cleaning in the engine room.

Moisten this first part with the water pressure is not too high. Point, so that certain components are not soaked and cause damage. When cleaning in this section, use a sponge or cloth used for parts that are accessible. whereas, for the slightly difficult, can also use a brush rather rough surface. After all finished, do not forget to always clean it with a towel or cloth to dry and clean. Make sure each interrupted, not lagging to prevent water from porous.

Caring for the Old Abandoned Cars

Caring for the Old Abandoned Cars - Park the car for long periods of time, it has a risk that sometimes unthinkable. It turns out that supporting engine components such as brake hand brake could have been damaged by this. For that, it needs to be considered carefully the possibility that happen. The first tip, do not pull on the hand brake and leave the car in the free state. As it turns out, there will likely be no stickiness between brake fluid and brake disks if left. Especially be very big impact on the cars that use the drum brake system.

Caring for the Old Abandoned Cars

To outsmart, you can outsmart by giving a stop at each wheel. In addition, it is advisable also to prop wiper. You can prop with anything as long as it does not make the damage to the glass and wipernya own. Because, if allowed to remain attached to the wiper windshield, wiper rubber may harden and even make beret when used. Remove the battery or batteries. This serves to make the battery last longer. If the car is left eg 2 weeks or more, there is a possibility the battery could be overdrawn because the engine is not heated. Then it would be better if the wires removed from the pole. See also : How to Clean a Car Engine.

Ways Against Oil Leaks in Car

Ways Against Oil Leaks in Car - - For the owners of motor vehicles, especially motorcycles, engine oil leak is one of the most annoying conditions. Not only will spend oil, also oil leaks will damage your engine. Possible causes of motorcycle engine oil leaking there are many. But to get around this oil leak you can follow the following tips.

Ways Against Oil Leaks in Car

If you find your motor oil seal leak immediately replace tape which is located in the valve closed. If left unchecked, then your motor oil will continue to drip until it is completely discharged. If it happens, the engine might be damaged. See also : Caring for the Old Abandoned Cars.

When installing the valve cover, valve closed for installation of ill-fitting or slotted will make the oil easier exit. This is caused by the pressure of the oil spray that cools the cylinder head. When doing oil changes, keep the engine being in cold conditions. To prevent oil seeping easy. Do not forget to regularly change the oil as needed, to keep the engine to keep it smooth.

Conditions Know Tips Car Engine Oil Through Color

Conditions Know Tips Car Engine Oil Through Color - The physical condition of the car can be seen directly, but not to the state of the engine. It can also be heard on the sound or smoke is coming out. But it was not necessarily able to confirm the specific conditions of the engine. If so, just look at the condition of the existing engine with oil to see colors that appear when make the changes. With this of course can be seen also, is there any possibility of damage to the engine, especially on the cylinder header.

Indeed, to test this oil has been provided a specific tool, so it is easily demonstrated that valid results. But of course you have to go to the garage to do it. Tool to test this oil is called Cylinder LeakageTester (SLT).

But, for those of you who might want to save money, there are certainly other ways that are easier to see the color of the oil from the cylinder header. There are 3 kinds of color possibilities that will emerge, yellowish brown, black and solid white. If oil comes out yellowish brown, new means your car a distance of about 1000-2000 km. With the typical colors like this, the car can still be said to be healthy and normal no damage.

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If oil has been colored black, there are two possibilities that occur in cars. It could be a new car to travel very far. It could also, rare oil is changed or there is no possibility of damage to the engine. If you find this hala, it's good to mengecekkan your car to the garage. Lastly, if the oil is white, it means that the oil has been mixed with water. If you like this, then it is likely there is something wrong with your machine. Immediately consult your car to a repair shop if you do not want to spend a fortune to further damage. Thanks otosia!

Small MPV Concept Mitsubishi Incarnation of AR?

Small MPV Concept Mitsubishi Incarnation of AR? - - Family car or MPV (multi purpose vehicle) is a very promising vehicle segment in the national automotive market. Until now, the sole agents (APM) is still trying to develop a product that is still the idol of the Indonesian consumer. Not satisfied with just selling MPV, 10 years ago, the producers tried to create a new segment of the low MPV that starts with the Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia. At that time, these twins were the product sells. This success was followed by APM began like Suzuki, Chevrolet, Honda and others.

Looking at the family car market is still promising, PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB) in the year 2017 will try to enjoy the fat market. With an investment of $ 600 million disbursed by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) of Japan to build a new plant in the industrial area of Delta Mas, Cikarang, Bekasi.

"The new plant will be ready in 2017. With a production capacity of 160 units per month and will continue to increase up to 250 units. Later, the factory will produce small MPV, the Colt 300 and Colt T120SS," said Osamu Masuko, Chairman & CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. Masuko said further that the small MPV which will be produced and marketed in 2017, took basic of AR and Delica Mitsubishi Concept which has the highest ground clearance in its class. However, Masuko did not specify the capacity of the machine that will carry the small MPV.

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"Small MPV which is currently still being developed by MMC, the design could have taken from the Concept AR. Alternatively likely not much different from the Mitsubishi Delica," said Duljatmono, the Operating General Manager of MMC KTB. Mitsubishi Concept AR (Active runabout) is a concept car that adaptsearth Technology. This car is able to provide a comfortable performance even in full though. This car combines squares and lively SUV MPV cabin. Thank's otosia!